Sunday, 29 April 2012

Last Sunday in the UK before I leave. Amazing last week. Worked at landscaping job, planting mondo grass (on hands and knees) in the rain. Fun! On Friday we had a great time. Andy, my boss (now ex boss), bought schwarmas for us for lunch, from Aroma in New Malden. Absolutely fan-tastic! I highly recommend them, and Andy as an excellent boss to have - and not just for the schwarmas.
When we finished work he and the guys: Bjorn and JP gathered round and prayed for me. Strong men, dirty hands, tired after a day's hard work. As they were doing this I had a moment of realisation as something profound came home to me: I thought: "So, this is what it is like, to be part of a band of men, men in The Lord."  This is something I have wanted and longed for all my life, and now I found myself there. Thank you Lord.

Now today at church has been very special. I am blessed and a bit overwhelmed by the love and support my church family has shown me. I am going to miss everyone, more than they know. They are all part of me, of my mental and spiritual landscape. As, I can now see, I am part of theirs.

The next 2 days are going to be busy, but good. Kawabunga countdown is rolling.   (",)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday 15 April: "The Ides of April". Still organizing the final things that need to happen and be done before I go. Just 2 weeks and 2 days left before I fly.