Monday, 22 October 2012

12 October 2012

Hi Everyone! Well, I have 1 more day of hiking. I am in the tiny town of Glencliff, New Hampshire. Tomorrow I plan to hike over Mount Moosilauke, first of the really big mountains in the White range. At the top I'll be above the treeline and it should be a clear day so the view will be spectacular. Clear weather but cold!
It has been getting colder and colder and it is definitely time for me to be finishing off. Yesterday it rained and misted something fierce, but that kind of weather is definitely more fun than this bitter cold when it's clear, and I love walking in it. The still warm(er) south wind brings the rain and walking and camping is damper but warm enough to be quite ok.
Tomorrow night is supposed to get down to 22-29 F, which is way below 0 degrees celcius (!). This is why I plan to be safe, warm and snug in Lincoln NH, tomorrow night, where this long journey up the AT will end.
Today was the first day I wore my jacket all day, even going up Cube mountain. Eish! It is getting COLD! And only going to get worse.
I plan to catch the bus from Lincoln on Monday as it makes a clear, 3 + hour run direct to Logan airport in Boston. Sat and Sun I'll spend washing clothes, organising equipment buying ticket etc, and resting and eating of course - very important, that. Oh yes: I saw another porcupine as I was coming down off Mt Mist this evening. Quite a big one, right on the train, and it didn't seem to know I was there until I was right on it. It headed for a tree and presented it's back end to me, more or less, and then had a squint at me. I think their eyesight can't be all that good. I wished him / it good evening and then passed on by. I didn't linger as the light was going by then.
I am glad I am able to spend the night in this actually quite amazing hostel. Warm instead of cold is always good but there is also a laundry, tv for watching any of a huge DVD collection, internet and beds. No hot shower though as it is broken (sniff). Ah well: the hardships of the trail eh? At least I don't smell as bad as I did that one time in Pennsylvania when I went for 8 days without a wash and my clothes for 9 days. : )

Keep well everyone, see you soon.

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