Monday, 22 October 2012

29 September 2012
Hello! Another quick update: I am in Rutland Vermont today staying in a great hostel run by an interesting Christian sect called the 12 Tribes. I decided to come down last night as my right ankle was giving jip and it needs a rest. I spent the night of 27th in a cosy little shelter cabin on my own and it was VERY cold but not as cold as i would have been if I had stayed at the bigger stone shelter higher up, which had no windows and cold, damp stone walls and floor as well as a leaking roof I have since learned. Yesterday morning was raining and windy so I decided to stay put in the warm and dry and stay off my ankle. In the early afternoon the rain had stopped and since I now no longer had enough food to make it to Hanover, New Hampshire - my original plan was to get from Manchester    Center, Vermont to Hanover in 6 days and I was carrying just enough food to do this - I came down to town. This also gave me a chance to test the ankle on the 3 miles down to the road, and yes, it was definitely hurt.

I spent 2 days and 3 nights in Rutland and the ankle was fine after that. It was also a chance to re-supply, eat     a huge amount at the Chinese all you can eat buffet (I love these), rest and shoot the breeze with folks at the hostel, one of whom was/is a train hobo who has been traveling around the country by jumping on and off trains for 7 years. Interesting people I meet.

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