Monday, 22 October 2012

6 October 2012

Hi everyone! Well I made it out of the vortex of Rutland and am now in Hanover, New Hampshire. My stay in Rutland was fun and the ankle has come right. I had no such trouble with my old boots, hmmm.

The weather has been wet but warm (er), in fact very pleasant to walk in despite being wet. The autumn colours never cease to amaze me. The leaves are a spectacular display though the recent rain has knocked a lot of them off. This only means however, that there is now a thick and bright blanket over the ground, like a multicoloured impressionist painting done with orange, yellow and red paint splotches against a dark (soil) background.

My time here is coming to a close! I realistically only have about 6-7 days of hiking left. I have been taking it easy the last week or so and enjoying the landscape and towns I have been through. It is easy stages now although the first of the mountains in the White range are coming up. I won't get through the Whites to Maine, but I hope to go over some of the more southern mountains on the trail. High, and cold at this time of year. I have bought a thermal reflective overbag to make my sleeping bag warmer as it just wasn't cutting it on some of the colder nights. Lower 30s = around 0 celcius or just above and I have woken up shivering in the early hours a few times. The new overbag should do the trick though. I have also invested in a 100% merino wool underwear longsleave shirt so hopefully all should be warm and toasty!

I'm sad to be so close to ending my sojourn here. I could keep walking if I had the time and the increasing cold wasn't a factor - I have my trail legs well and truly now. At the same time, I'm happy that the goals and hopes that I had when I started seem to have been realised or have happened. I'm changed and the other day realised that those parts of me which seemed to have died are alive again. I'm also keen to get back to family and friends again.
Well looks like it's time to go again.
Keep well all!

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